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Gwanghwamoon Square - Spots in Seoul 12

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The Gwanghwamoon Square. It was called Yukjogeori, a main street, in Joseon Dynasty.

They made a flower field. The statue covered with grasses is a "Hechi" Statue. The imaginary animal, Hechi, is believed as a protector and judge of righteousness. It also protects buildings from fire. Therefore, they are in front of many constructions such as National Assembly, almost every traditional palaces, and even some schools. Seoul selected that animal for its symbol animal. :D

La estatua con flores se llama "Hechi." Él es un animal imaginario. Es protector y juez de justicia. Además protege los edificios del fuego. Por eso, estan a la puerta de muchos edificios; el Congreso Nacional, casi todo palacios tradicionales y aún unas esculas. Seúl lo escogió para su animal del símbolo.

This is a Gwanghwa gate. Gwanghwa moon street is named after this gate. It is the biggest gate and the main and the most important gate of all the Joseon's palaces. For now it is on a reparing. It is going backward. Which means, it is going back to its original position. While Japanese controled Korea(1910~1945), Japanese built their own government building right in front of the main palace of Korea. During that process, they had to remove the Gwanghwa gate; so they putted it forward. For half a century, Korea couldn't put it back to its original location; however, it´s finding its own position.

Durante el tiempo cuando Japón subyugó Corea (Joseon), construía su edificio de govierno en delante de la puerta Gwanghwa, la puerta del palacio principal de Corea. Para sacarlo, japonesas tuvieron que ponerlo un poco hacia adelante. Por el medio ciglo, Corea no pudo correctarlo; pero, ahora está buscar su posición originario.

This is a shot of Gwangghwa gate street Park at night.
This is the statue of General Yi, Yi sunshin. A hero of Joseon and Korea who won the Imjinweran (Joseon-Japanese war; 1592-1598) and died at battle. He was a navy; who invented a great marvelous ship called Turtle ship. Although it is very famous ship in Korea; Korea actually couldn't clarify what's its real shape, how it worked or who really invented or used in what way...etc. So many things of Korean history is unreaveled till now.

La estatua es general Yi, sunshin. Un héore de Joseon, Corea, quien ganaba la guerra de Joseon y Japón, Imjinweran (15921598) y murío al fin de la guerra. Inventaba un baco grande que se llama tortola baco. Anque es muy famoso en Corea; su real forma no es seguro ya. Tan mucho casos en la historia coreana son deconocidos hasta hoy.

This is a digital map of Gwanghwa gate street Park from the sky. It has a gate that you can go to take a subway in the middle of the Park; brown colour area is that.

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